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Prolena One OnLine

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Prolena One is the trade name of a Natural medicine that is extracted from the Adzuki bean. It was first published in the Second Century by the Chinese pharmacopia "Divine Husbandman's classic of the Materia Medica". Since then, Medical researchers have lost track of this multipurpose remedy, until it has resurfaced and approved by Health Canada in accordance with the FDA in 2012. It can be used orally and topically having three anti-oxidants combined and is approved to clean heat (inflammation) swelling, edema, abdominal fullness, promote urination and clears urinary difficulties.

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Prolena ONE

  • 1.   Reduce triglyceride accumulation.
  • 2.   Prevent heart disease.
  • 3.   Prevent and manage diabetes.
  • 4.   Optimize digestion.
  • 5.   Growth and repair of tissues.
  • 6.   Increase energy.
  • 7.   Lower blood pressure.
  • 8.   Reduce birth defect in infants.
  • 9.   Detoxify the body.
  • 10.   Cancers.
  • 11.   Balance cholesterol level.
  • 12.   Strengthen bones.
  • 13.   Anti-aging.
  • 14.   Eliminate toxins and drains pus.
  • 15.   Insufficient lactation.

Adzuki Beans

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